- Hide your mobile number before making your screenshots
- Load all your files (wallpaper is optional) and click on Upload
- To update a theme just use exactly the same name
Check everything properly before update it (you have to wait at least 48 hours before updating it again)

*xml/attheme file:
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*main screenshot (jpg/png)
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Themes Channel:

You can select up to 3 categories:
  • Abstract
  • Animals
  • Anime
  • Cartoons
  • Christmas
  • Dark
  • Fashion
  • Games
  • Halloween
  • Kids
  • Love
  • Motor
  • Movies/TV
  • Music
  • Nature
  • People
  • Sexy
  • Sport
  • Summer
  • Technology
  • Terror
  • Winter
  • World
  • Others
Basic rules
- Please try to be original and do not reuse themes of other users. Copies will be deleted without notice